3441 series


  • Excellent stability and repeatability
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • 4-20 mA two-wire output
  • Integral transient voltage protection
  • Ranges 0-1mWG to 0-500mWG (0-3ftH2O to 0-1,640ftH2O)
  • High strength moulded polyurethane
  • Cable with vent tube
  • High voltage surge protection available
  • *Intrinsically safe option. Flammable gases (zone 0) and dusts (zone 20)
  • Ø 25mm (1.0″)

The 3441 submersible transmitter has been designed for the accurate measurement of the depth and level of liquids in borehole applications.

Standard output signal is 4-20mA two wire. Supply range 13-36Vdc, with integral transient voltage protection. Electrical connection is via a high strength moulded polyurethane cable with integral tube for excellent troublefree venting to the surface atmosphere. The standard depth transmitter is fitted with a stainless steel nose cone with radial inlet holes to prevent sludge build-up. The 3441 transmitter is suitable for depth and level measurement in boreholes 25mm diameter or greater.

Borehole level and reservoir level monitoring, water mains pressure measurement in inspection chambers, power level and outlet pressure measurement on submersible pumps.


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