Monitoring internal conditions in Greenhouses

Modern commercial greenhouses are high-tech production facilities for growing vegetables or flowers, filled with equipment like screening installations, heating, cooling, and lighting.

In many cases, these systems are automatically controlled so that proper plant growth is regulated and maintained.

These applications are assisted with:-
our loggers

SLT100/200/300 for temperature and
SLH100/200/300 for temperature, humidity/dewpoint and light

our  transmitters
STR50/100 & Thermostat ST for temperature
HT50/100/200/300 and Hygrostat SHT for relative humidity/dewpoint(HT300) and temperature
V100/200 for air velocity / air flow

or our handheld instruments
SHT100 for relative humidity, dew point and ambient temperature
SLU100 lux meter
S100AQ for CO2 and ambient temperature
SV100/SVT100 for air flow and ambient temperature

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