Model SL200 is a professional sound level meter for medium and long term environmental acoustics monitoring, that offers:-
Weightings A – C – Z.
Slow time constants, fast, impulse, peak.
Time programmable from 1s to 60s.
Statistical indices LN – Maximum and minimum values.
Memory of 25 periods of 86 500 values. (24 hours Leq 1s).
Pause and resume measurement. Automatic calibration.
Measured parameters : L, Leq, LE, Lpk
Measuring ranges :
Dynamic measuring Lp / Leq: 100 dB – LPK: 50 dB
A-weighted measurement range: 30-130 dB
C-weighted measurement range: 35-130 dB
Z-weighted measurement range: 35-130 dB
Peak channel measurement range: 83-133 dB
Resolution : 0,1 dB
Model SL200 is delivered in a carrying case with software and calibration certificate


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