SLH 250

Humidity, temperature and light datalogger.

Measure from 1 to 5 parameters (Humidity – Temperature – Current – Voltage – Light).

A new range of temperature/humidity dataloggers designed and dedicated to food & pharmaceutical industry. This new product line allows to control manufacturing process, storage and transport.
Accurate, they can record from 12,000 to 20,000 record points in temperature, humidity, light, current and voltage. You can connect up to 4 external probes (hygrometry, NTC, ammeter clamps, 4-20 mA, 0-10V…). Probes are IP68 (long-time immersion).
They can be configured with specific software: starting mode, display, Leds, setpoint alarms, intervals, recording periods…
Security and integrity of data are guaranteed with CFR software, specially developed to meet with requirements of 21CFR part 11 norm. To secure the installation, these dataloggers have an anti-theft system with no padlock.
Once datasets are downloaded (1,000 points/sec.) either on your PC or via data collector, you can process them as graphs or charts: merge of several datasheets, dynamic zoom, add of calculation functions.

Technical data

  • Up to 5 parameters
  • Thermometer and thermo-hygrometer functions
  • With or without 2-line large LCD display
  • Internal sensing element + 2 external inputs
  • Fast data download (1,000 values/second)
  • Up to 20,000 measurement points
  • 2 configurable setpoint alarms
  • Magnetic mounting
  • IP65 housing


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