A handheld autonomous solar energy meter that offers all the characteristics of SOL100, plus logging capability.

Memory capacity: 31 days, 44640 saved recording points
Fast data download: 1000 values/second
Measurement and prompt control of solar power (W/m²).
Calculation of the accumulated energy in Wh/m².

Spectral response from 400 to 1100 nm
Frequency of measurement : 1/s

Response in cosine : corrected until 80°
Storing and recording of the averages values.
Solar power measurement range: 1W/m² to 1300 W/m².
Accumulated energy measurement range: 1 Wh/m² to 500 kwh/m².
Display of result in graph form allowing a fast interpretation of recorded data.
Solar cell cable length: 5m.
Supplied with PC transfer software & calibration certificate.

Easy to use, for instant information
Evaluation of the electrical energy produced for optimum orientation of solar panels and performance follow-up.
Analysis of sunshine on site, for short and long-term period.
Choice and definition of the thermal or photovoltaic generators features
Storage and saving of average values of power; update of  exposure calculation every minute
Easy use of data stored in memory
Reading and graph approximation of 24 hours data via transfer data software.



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