Stowaway detection

Stowaway detection
Model S110AQ
is a handheld carbon dioxide detector that can be used for the detection of people hiding in confined spaces such as air cargo, containers, trailers, rooms and vehicles. It works primarily by detecting the elevated levels of carbon dioxide caused by human breathing.
Model S110AQ using an infra-red carbon dioxide sensor with a range of 0 to 5000 ppm, a NTC temperature sensor for ambient temperature. and having features such as Min/Max values, HOLD, back light, and auto shut-off, is a portable, quick, effective and user friendly system providing increased security and safety.

Stowaway Detection Applications:
• Air Cargo Containers
• Container Terminals
• Transport Security
• Security Agencies
• Correctional Facilities
• Confined Spaces
• Law Enforcement
• Search and Rescue
• Border Posts


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