Temperature sensors for composting

Compatible with our portable instruments and dataloggers

Although composting involves a lot of complex processes, monitoring the temperatures of the piles gives clues about what is happening at the microscopic level.

Heat is generated as a byproduct of microbial breakdown of organic material, and the temperature of the compost can be  used to gauge how well the system is working and how far along the decomposition has progressed.

A compost temperature graph over time will also give you important information about decomposition progress.

Our robust compost probes with measuring range from -50°C to +400°C for type K & Pt100 sensors, -40°C to +120°C for NTC sensors are the right probes for this application. The Probes are compatible with our handheld thermometers and temperature dataloggers.

Thermocouple K, NCT, PT100 options.

Probe length: 1500mm for Pt100 & NTC sensors. 1000/1500/2000mm for type “K” T/C

Protection sheath made in stainless steel
Perpendicular handle and bevel-edged tip
Temperature probes allow measurement in specific environments such as:

  • grain elevators
  • straw stock
  • compost stock


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